Visitor Management System Can Help Enhance Customer Service

In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack, security became an important consideration not only for the USA but also the rest of the world. It shook every organization’s sense of security and almost immediately everyone started a mad scramble to make their premises more secure. It was due to this need that the visitor management systems was developed. This system aims to do away with the unreliable handwritten record books that were used to make the visitors sign in before going any further than the lobby.

However, the concept of these books became obsolete as handwritten information was often difficult to read, tough to find past records when required, and very easy to enter incorrect information. These are the drawbacks of the traditional system that is expertly tackled by visitor management software.

How can it improve customer service?

Although it was the need for enhanced security that brought about the emergence of these systems, it has many other benefits and uses. For example, this management system has been known to improve customer service and form an overall better impression of the company in the minds of the outsiders. Given below are some ways in which this is made possible:visitor management systems

  • Firstly, the clients of customers approaching your office premise will know that you take security of the employees and other people in your building seriously. This will build an impression of your company in their mind as an organization that cares for the people who work with and within it.
  • Secondly, since all the information is stored and passed along digitally, it is much more efficient and reduces the waiting time for the visitor. As soon as someone approaches the receptionist’s desk and asks to confirm an appointment with someone, the person can be notified immediately. If the person in question is unavailable, the next preferable person will be notified and the visitor will be directed towards him or her.
  • Thirdly, the information of the in and out time might prove to be the visitor in the future. Although companies do not release such information and treat those as sensitive data, but exceptions can be made if it is a dire situation.
  • Since the visitor management system requires information like the purpose of the visit (such as interview, internship etc.) along with the name of the person they have an appointment with, the visitor is properly directed where they are required to be. Hence, they don’t have to waste time looking for a certain department or individual.

Importance of visitor management systems

The feeling of safety among the employees as well the management leaves their minds free from any worries related to safety. They can concentrate better on their job and thus give rise to productivity and efficiency. There will be an absolute lack of any kind of misgivings about odd visitors as it will be known that they have signed in and are there for a legit purpose. This will also encourage business associates to pay a visit to your office when required as they will know that the surroundings are secure and devoid of nefarious characters.

What is a 360 Degree Feedback Process?

Do you want to stir up the fear hidden below the surface in your organization? Do you want to know if your staff is happy with the organization? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you will definitely require the help of a feedback process that can help organizations to get valuable insight from the staff about their organization. In fact, the feedback process can also help an organization to grow.

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

Many people might be familiar with the 360 degree feedback tool. It is a feedback process which is often referred to as multi-rater appraisals or feedback tool that is especially designed to allow employees to get helpful advice from various sources that can help firms to grow. Basically, it provides employees an analysis and direct report about their performance from peers and colleagues. Sometimes it may include external parties like customers; however, it is not always the case.

what is 360 degree feedback

How Does It Help?

This appraisal tool helps in the evaluation process which is usually carried out by employers and manager’s in order to help each employees develop and improve within a team.  Instead of allowing only the managers to give insights, it allows people to gain a good view of their strengths and weaknesses and also on how they are able to develop themselves with their team. Thereby, the tool helps individuals to understand their effectiveness as an employee, as a leader or as a coworker.

  • Personal Growth

Apart from self-assessment, it can also help employees to acquire performance feedback from superiors, peers, and also from customers. This allows them to easily understand on what areas they excel and which areas they need to focus on in order to improve themselves.  Also, it helps them to become more successful in their current roles. After getting the feedback, managers may sit with their employees and come up with a plan that can help the latter to improve.

  • Team Development

The tool can help team members to learn how their behavior impacts others. Based on the information, they can make the necessary adjustments. This would help the team to work together efficaciously. Every team member should be open to receiving both kinds of feedback, i.e., good and bad which in turn can help employees to improve the behavior. With better participation from the team, productivity will increase for the firm.

  • Employee Performance

In today’s team oriented environment, feedback tools hold a great value. The tool can be used for assessing the performance of the employees. Appraisal is common in any organizations. With the help of this tool, employees are evaluated and their performance is measured. Based on the capabilities and skills, employers can review the performance. It would help to gain necessary information on who deserves to get an appraisal.

Using this kind of tools can be a great way to improve the performance of employees by giving them a sense of recognition. Based on the feedback received insights can be given to people so that they can easily focus on the goals of the organization.


PPC Management helps you get quick leads

Digital media and marketing plays a big role in promoting any service or product. Search Engines now have become very keen on showing only the best results that are produced naturally. Every company wants to be at the top and attract as much clients as they can. In order to attract more traffic and leads, many business implement SEO to get enhanced search results. But simply relying on one source of online marketing channel will give you the best results. All companies who implement SEO on their business website also implement ppc management services. Paid ads is a great of getting quick leads and showcasing your product or service at the top of the search engine result page. 

Pay per click ads or PPC is an effective marketing channel to get quick targeted leads.  There are many reasons why so many businesses are now inclining towards paid advertisements.

Pay only for the people that see your ad

The biggest advantage of PPC is that you only pay every time someone clicks your profile. You won’t be charged for placing an ad on the search engine. This gives you control over budget and you won’t be emptying your wallet in a rapid pace. Even if the person does not click your ad, you are still getting the brand awareness.

You control your own bids

Another reason why so many businesses these days incorporate paid advertisements in their marketing campaigns is because you have the full control on your budget and bids. Since you are paying for every click, it becomes important to not high bids for the terms which won’t give you the right kind of traffic. If your landing page has a good quality score, your bids can be placed at a lower amount.

All the results are track able

The results of your ppc campaign can be easily tracked and analyzed. Seasons paid campaign managers add heat map tracking to see where exactly to people click. This helps in knowing what exactly are people looking for and what design aspects of the landing page are working.

Target your own audience

PPC gives you the control to advertise your landing page to the demographics and region of your choice. As stated before that you can control your budget and bids, it becomes really important to target the right audience with the right keywords. As some keywords may too expensive for each click, carefully planning and implementing your campaign will expose you to the right audience.

If implemented the right way, paid ad campaigns can generate a lot of quick cash in instant time. And you can simply do so by staying on top of the page and placing your ads there. With targeted and refined search strategies, you can target the right kind of people that are actively seeking your product and service. All businesses should implement PPC Management services along with other digital media channels to give the maximum output.