The Information and Communications Technology Standards Advisory Council of Canada (ISACC) is an industry-government partnership formed in 1991 to develop strategic directions for standardization in the Information- Communications- and Technology (ICT) sectors. It provides a strategic focus for the development and implementation of Canadian ICT standards, through its mission to:

recommend strategies for domestic and international ICT standards development, implementation and promotion, through the existing infrastructure, which will meet the needs of Canadian users, industry, and government.

Members of ISACC include all ICT-related Standards Development Organizations in Canada, related industry associations and a wide representation of private industry, consumer and government interests.



  • highlights emerging global ICT trends, initiatives, and priorities that may impact standardization; reviews them from a Canadian perspective; and determines an appropriate Canadian standards strategy response;
  • provides a forum that bridges among the various components of the domestic ICT industry including standards stakeholders, government, and users. It enables members to exchange information on standards topics, facilitates collaboration among members, builds awareness of the role of standards and gains commitment for standards development to keep pace with rapidly evolving technological and market developments for new and enhanced services;
  • develops strategies for standardization in the ICT sector. It provides a strategic focus for the development and implementation of Canadian ICT standards;
  • addresses standards-related developments of interest to Canada that are beyond the scope of individual domestic bodies.

ISACC accomplishes its work in three ways; semi-annual plenary sessions, special task groups, and Rapporteurs. At the plenary sessions, topical presentations are made on ICT standards issues, discussions are held on the progress of task groups and rapporteurs, and new task groups are ratified by the membership. Special purpose task groups are formed as needed to develop Canadian views on international ICT standards that may contain regulatory, legal, security and policy aspects.