Task Groups

What is a task group and how is it organized?
A task group is created based on the need to study a particular issue that has been raised, either through instigation from ISACC members or through some external interest area be it public or private sector. The ISACC membership will determine whether an issue should be pursued and the recommended time frame for resolution.

Who has responsibility for the task group?
Normally, the organization who proposed the issue is responsible for leading the task group; however, the organization may request another leader. The group leader, through the assistance of the ISACC Secretariat, is responsible for the group and its outcome, based on guidance provided by the Secretariat.

Who can be a member of a task group?
Membership in the group will be decided by the working group chair in conjunction with the ISACC Secretariat. Normally, members can be selected from core ISACC members and external stakeholders who have expressed an interest in the issue being discussed. It should be noted that, under some circumstances and based on prior agreements with GSC partners, a courtesy invitation should be sent to those partners who may have an interest in the issue being discussed.