What are the qualities of Forensic Investigator in Canada ?

forensic investigators in Canada

A Professional Agency in Canada offers private private detectives and professional forensic Ivestigators in Canada who handle investigations throughout Canada and other parts of the world. The researchers’ crime scenes are hired by most police forces. They investigate scenarios where incidents have occurred in search of forensic evidence, including crime scenarios. They record and gather these tests, which they can then present to the courts. Among other tasks, they are responsible for finding and collecting fingerprints and forensic evidence, as well as taking photographs of crime scenes.

Private Detectives in Canada, Lawyers in Canada and Forensic Investigator Canada specialize in the following services.

Legal Services:

ISOG is committed to providing innovative and effective risk management solutions to its clients and providing excellent private, intelligence, legal and forensic investigation services throughout this country . Each business consultation is treated in a discreet, sensitive and comprehensive manner. Forensic Investigator Canada also provide Legal Services such as –

  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Liberia Offshore Corporations
  • Panama Offshore Corporations
  • Anguilla Offshore Companies
  • Bahamas Offshore Companies
  • Belize Offshore Companies


Background Verification and Location:

Background Verification, Search for Bank Accounts, Identification of a Friend on the Internet, Location of Missing Persons or Hidden Persons, Identify the Calling Number, (Reverse) Telephone Number Finding

Marriage Investigations:

Pre-marital Investigation, Spouse Infidelity Investigation, Drug Abuse, Child Abuse, and Custody

Criminal Investigations:

International Fraud, Identity Theft Investigations, Person Abduction Investigations, Homicide Investigations, Drug Trafficking, Extortion and Threat Investigations, Weapon Theft Investigations, Harassment Investigations, Witness Locations, Evidence Search and Verification of the alibi

Forensic Services:

Voice Analysis Technology Test, Polygraphic Testing, Forensic Science Laboratory

Intelligence Operations:

Undercover Investigations, (Against) Surveillance, Computer Monitoring, Location, and Elimination of Listening Devices

Private Detectives in Canada, Lawyers in Canada and Forensic Ivestigators in Canada in Canada handle all cases professionally. Local staff possesses the essential qualifications, licenses, and authorize, where necessary, and meets the essential requirements to offer private, intelligence, legal and forensic investigation services in Canada. Our regional team around the world has the strength and support of an established team of accredited professionals to support the specialized requirements needed during case management.

Each business consultation is treated in a discreet, sensitive and comprehensive manner.

crime scene investigators

Professional profile

To be a crime scene investigator you need:

  • Be patient, understanding and kind in dealing with crime victims.
  • Keep calm and be safe.
  • Be prepared to attend incidents that can be very distressing.
  • Being able to work in unpleasant and dirty conditions, for example, outside under all kinds of atmospheric conditions, at night or on the scene of a serious incident.
  • Be observant and methodical, and be able to follow detailed procedures.
  • Being able to work alone and also as part of a team.
  • Be flexible; for example, to follow unusual work methods.
  • Be skilled in performing detail tasks with your hands.

It should also have:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • An excellent color vision.
  • Good skills for digital photography.
  • Driving license
  • Certain mastery of ICT.